What Is the Sales Tax Rate in Nassau County, New York.?

sales-tax-rate-nassau-county-new-york Credit: Getty Images/The Image Bank/Getty Images

As of September 2014, the sales tax rate for Nassau County, New York is 8.63 percent, according to Tax-Rates.org. New York state comprises 4 percent of the total, and Nassau county comprises the other 4.63 percent.

Sales tax in Nassau County, New York are the county's largest source of revenue consisting of 42 percent of the entire budget, according to Mineola Patch. As of July, 11, 2014, sales tax revenue decreased by $47.6 million, a 9 percent decline from 2013. The decrease in sales tax revenue is a major economic fallback for Nassau County. By the end of 2014, the county is projected to raise 5.9 percent less than the budgeted amount.