How Do You Take a Salary Survey?

The salary survey process entails clear and consistent guidelines that include defining participants and determining the type of data to collect. It also involves setting confidentiality measures, constructing the survey questionnaire and analyzing results.

Start the survey by listing the department, industry or geographical area from which to gather the survey data. Use common classification standards to determine occupational groups or positions to include in the survey and create detailed descriptions for each position. Group the positions into job families based on similarities of function and hierarchy within the company structure.

Define the type of data to collect for the survey, which may include participants' personal and employment information such as salary ranges, starting salary, reporting relationships, bonuses and commissions. Use the specified data to design a comprehensive questionnaire form while ensuring it meets confidentiality standards of the target group.

Select participants and contact them to announce the salary survey and request participation. Distribute the questionnaire to willing participants via fax, mail or hand delivery, and request all required information including tenure, credentials, job duties and licenses. Assemble the returned surveys and analyze the data according to each position. Compile an exhaustive report for presentation to the participants and employer.