What Is the Salary Range for Public Servants?


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The annual salary range for federal public servants runs from $18,161 to $132,122. The federal civil service bases salaries on the general schedule pay scale, which consists of 15 grades, each with 10 steps. The salaries of civil servants vary according to their grade and step.

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Lower grades correspond to entry-level positions, and higher grades correspond to mid-level and senior posts. Civil servants advance from one step to the next within a grade after working for a specified time in a satisfactory fashion. Advancement usually takes one year for each of the first four steps and two years for each of the next three. Moving from steps seven to 10 takes three years per step. Pay increases with each step, so a GS-1 employee in step one earns the lowest salary, while a GS-15 employee in step 10 earns the highest.

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