What Is the Salary of a Pro Football Cheerleader?

As of 2014, the average salary of an NFL cheerleader ranges from $70 to $150 per game; however, some experienced cheerleaders may earn as much as $250 to $375 per game. Twenty-six of the current 32 NFL franchises employ cheerleading squads.

In September 2014, the Oakland Raiders' Raiderettes squad was awarded a $125 million settlement in back wages after current and former cheerleaders claimed that countless hours of preparation and game day work amounted to far less than minimum wage.

Cheerleader-related lawsuits have also been filed on behalf of the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Buffalo Bills. The 2014 season marked the first since 1967 that the Jills, as a result of the suit, have not taken the sidelines in Buffalo.