How Do the Salaries of New York Employees Compare to the Salaries of Baltimore Employees?


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According to 2010 data published by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, private sector workers in the Baltimore major metropolitan area earn more on average than their counterparts in New York City. However, state and local workers in New York City earn more than similar workers in Baltimore.

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Average salaries for all workers in the Baltimore major metropolitan area, which includes Washington D.C-area workers, were just over $57,000 per year, while salaries in the data set for New York City were around $55,500 per year. However, state and local workers in New York City earned on average $61,600 per year compared to $56,500 per year in Baltimore. Average salaries for private sector workers were $54,300 per year in New York City and $57,300 per year in Baltimore.

When looking at the median salaries for all workers, Baltimore workers earn $46,500 per year, and New York City workers earn $45,300 per year. It should also be noted that median salaries in the two areas were much higher for state and local workers than they were for private sector workers. This likely indicates that salaries in the public sector are much more evenly distributed, while the private sector contains some outliers on the high end.

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