What Are Some Safety Tips for Holiday Shopping?


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For safe holiday shopping, use extra caution and shop during daylight hours whenever possible, as thieves prey on busy, distracted shoppers who are rushing to buy holiday purchases. When shopping in stores, do not carry a wallet or purse, and use debit or credit cards to avoid having to carry large amounts of cash. If you must use cash, carry it in your front pocket to deter pick pockets.

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Avoid buying more than you can carry when shopping at stores so that you can maintain a full range of motion and field of vision. Designate a central meeting place when shopping with children in case of separation. Allow your credit or debit card to remain in your wallet until you need to use it while standing in the checkout line to prevent thieves from reading the number. Do not leave packages in plain view in your vehicle.

Secure your computer before shopping online during the holidays, ensuring the antivirus software is up to date. Use a credit card for online purchases. Do not provide financial information over Wi-Fi networks. Be wary of communications from unfamiliar sources, and do not clink on links in emails or online ads. Only make purchases from secure websites that have a locked padlock emblem at the bottom of the screen or "https" in the URL.

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