What Are Some Safety Tips by Con Edison of New York?

What Are Some Safety Tips by Con Edison of New York?

Con Edison of New York advises to call 811 free of charge before digging, excavating or drilling into the ground due to danger of hitting a sewer or phone, electricity, gas, natural gas or cable lines. This includes even seemingly small matters like digging for fence posts or mailboxes and uprooting tree stumps, states Con Edison.

Con Edison's electrical safety tips include to check any electrical cords for frays, tears or wear. If these issues exist, replace the wires. Only use extension cords temporarily, and don't use one wire for many appliances.

Con Edison also offers safety tips for using gas. Never heat a home using an oven or a stove. Professionals are required to move gas-powered appliances such as stoves and certain dryers due to risk of gas leak, and a home's heating and venting systems should be serviced by professionals regularly, according to Con Edison.

Con Edison advises residents of New York to call immediately if they see steam or hear a loud banging on the street because these are indications of a potentially dangerous situation with New York's steam system. Avoid touching any steam from the street or manhole cover to prevent steam burn.

Con Edison also says to never go near fallen power lines, damaged electrical equipment, damaged street lights, work zones and construction sites.