What Are Free Safety Slogans Online?

What Are Free Safety Slogans Online?

Safety slogans are clever phrases that focus attention on safety awareness at home or in the workplace, according to OSHAX.org, the Unofficial Guide to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Signs often display slogans strategically placed for easy viewing. Free safety slogans are available at several online locations.

A good safety slogan causes people to stop and consider the message. A memorable phrase is an effective way to get employees and family members to understand the consequences of unsafe behavior, according to DuraLabel.

The Safety Slogans Library at OSHAX.org focuses on occupational and workplace safety. The phrases use rhymes, puns, and other wordplay to boost safety awareness.

FreeSignage.com has a large selection of the most commonly used safety signs that comply with OSHA regulations. These printable signs are free, and the slogans are available for creating custom signs. Many of the slogans come with simple drawings to illustrate their messages. Online Sign offers a similar selection but with a greater emphasis on custom design options.

SafetySlogans.org provides a wide range of free safety slogans with specific target areas, including the workplace, the home, school and sports. Many of the phrases use humor or other techniques to attract attention to the message, which increases the effectiveness of the slogan.