What Is a Safety Moment?

A safety moment is a short workplace talk focusing on safety on the job or in daily life, according to the University of Minnesota. Moments center on tips, anecdotes or ideas to improve safety, states Crowley Maritime Corporation. The address is often used at the start of a meeting, seminar or daily shift change.

Sometimes safety moments discuss accidents in the workplace, reports the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. They include both close calls and actual injuries. While some of these incidents happen where the safety moments occur, others come from different locations.

On occasion, safety moments deal with specific issues that are pertinent to the type of workplace or its location, continues the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. For instance, talks deal with chemical spills, fires, lifting heavy objects, ladder safety or using forklifts around pedestrians. Some cover geological challenges or weather concerns, such as dealing with earthquakes, driving in ice and snow, or handling summer heat and humidity, Crowley Maritime Corporation says.

Certain safety moments involve preventing injuries, including workplace stretching, keeping pathways clear and operating new equipment properly, states the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. Other topics tackle general safety, such as walking alone at night, road rage, cellphone usage.