What Is a Safety Audit Checklist?


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A safety audit checklist is a list of items that businesses in just about every field use to determine the safety of the workplace environment. These checklists contain a detailed list of succinct and actionable items that can help identify weaknesses in the operation of the business.

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Many injuries and illnesses that are work-related happen for one of three different reasons: engineering controls, administrative controls and equipment controls. A safety checklist can help prevent injuries and illnesses from happening under these controls. Businesses should establish safe work practice and should develop written procedures on how to maintain safety. A business should also have a time limit on exposure to hazards and monitor the use of any hazardous materials. It should put in place warnings, signs and alarms, as well as a buddy system for when something goes wrong. Businesses should also have comprehensive training in place.

Some safety procedures that businesses can implement including making sure the proper doors are locked, replacing inside and outside burned-out light bulbs, closing drawers when walking away from a filing cabinet or desk, knowing the proper technique for lifting heavy items, and providing workstations that are adjustable to accommodate for the different heights of employees. A safety checklist should encompass inspection of all of the safety measures a workplace takes.

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