How Safe Is Filling Out and Filing a W2 Online?


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It is very safe for employers and businesses to file W-2s online through Business Services Online because the site uses 128-bit line encryption and Secure Sockets Layer communications protocol to ensure data transmission security, reports the Social Security Administration. Additionally, users have unique IDs and passwords of their own choosing that they must change every 90 days. However, email messages to and from the Social Security Administration are not secure, and employers should not use them to communicate private information.

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Forms W-2 are the means that employers use to communicate data about the Medicare and Social Security wages of their employees, explains the Internal Revenue Service. Employers must file Forms W2 with the Social Security Administration either electronically or on paper. Unless they receive an IRS waiver, businesses that file more than 249 forms must file electronically, but the IRS recommends that all businesses submit Forms W-2 online.

Before businesses submit Forms W-2, they can use the Social Security Number Verification Service to check the Social Security numbers and names of all their employees, advises the Social Security Administration. They can also use the AcuWage test tool to verify the accuracy of their wage reports. If their own software is in the correct format, businesses can upload completed Forms W-2, or they can fill in Forms W-2 on Business Services Online without the need of extra software.

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