What Is SACU Online Anytime?

SACU Online Anytime is the online banking system of San Antonio Federal Credit Union. Its features include access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; transferring funds; bill paying and remote deposit.

As of 2015, SACU's online banking allows customers to check their account balances and see all of their account history for all SACU checking and savings accounts, loans, share certificates and credit card accounts, anytime the customer chooses. E-Statements are also an option, which allow customers to reduce paper clutter.

Online banking at SACU allows customers to transfer funds easily and quickly between their own accounts, the accounts of other members, and accounts at other financial institutions. Customers can do a one-time transfer or set up recurring transfers to make paying bills easier. Customers also have the option to open share certificates online.

Customers can also use the online bill paying systems as part of SACU's online banking. They can pay bills securely and quickly, and decide who to pay, when to pay and how often to pay. Just like online transfers, customers can set up one-time or recurring bill payments, and also change or cancel their payments anytime before the processing date. This feature is free with online banking.