What's a Good Way to Find Warehouse Clearance Sales?


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One good way to find warehouse clearance sales is to read the sale and auction ads in the classifieds section of your local newspaper because local brick-and-mortar stores often announce such sales there first. Another way is to search for websites that list warehouse sales.

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To find out how many local retailers also maintain warehouses, ask stores’ customer service managers or store managers. Besides knowing when or if their own stores are planning such sales, they may also know other retailers who do. Moreover, they may know about grouped warehouse sales – where more than one store or company shares warehouse space for a big sale, which can mean added convenience and savings, especially for those buying in large quantities.

Should you not be able to source leads at stores, get in the habit of reading the sale and auctions ads in your newspaper’s classifieds section. Because classified advertising is economical and widely distributed, it’s often the only way vendors post warehouse sale notices.

Further, more and more merchandisers and vendors are advertising warehouse clearance sales online. Websites such as WHSale.com regularly post listings for warehouse and sample sales for stores and merchandisers all over the United States. In addition, many online retailers such as Amazon.com allow customers to buy directly from their online warehouses and clearance sales.

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