What's a Good Way to View Many Resume Samples for Various Work Industries?

One good way to view sample resumes customized to specific work industries is to view the sample resumes on job board Monster.com and online content publisher About.com. Writing a well-constructed resume that allows prospective employers or recruiters to capture the candidate's most compelling attributes at a glance helps land interviews and get job offers. Research shows that prospective employers and recruiters spend on average 20 seconds per resume before deciding whether to continue or exclude the applicant.

Monster.com offers many resume examples for various industry careers and positions. For example, Monster.com has resume samples in the art, design and media industry for such positions as graphic designer, social media manager, film producer, mid-level art director and experienced art director. Another industry with resume samples is engineering, with resume samples for an entry-level civil engineer, mid-level mechanical engineer, experienced mechanical designer, process engineer and entry-level aerospace engineer. Other industries with sample resumes are finance and accounting, health care, law enforcement, restaurant and hospitality, and retail sales.

About.com offers various kinds of resumes for almost any job type that are arranged alphabetically by occupation, from administration, biomedical engineer and camp counselor to teacher, waitress and youth worker. The site also offers resume templates, tips on writing resumes and a video tutorial on how to dress for an interview, as of November 2015.

Writing industry-specific accomplishments, credentials and experiences in a format familiar to employers and recruiters in specific industries makes a candidate stand out from the pack.