What's a Good Way to Find a Local Roush Dealer?

Find a local Roush dealer by visiting the company's website, RoushPerformance.com, and accessing the dealer locator tool on the Help page. From here, click on the type of Roush product you wish to purchase and enter your location into the search tool to see a list and map of all current dealers in that area, as of 2015.

When visiting Roush.com click on the Help link in the upper-left corner of the top navigation bar to access the page for all of the company's support features, including an option to contact the company directly with inquiries about dealers or purchasing products. Click on the Dealer Locator link to access the product selection page for the tool, which includes Roush vehicles, parts and engines. Choosing one of these options launches the tool with a default world view that contains all the of dealers for that product type, both nationally and internationally.

To narrow the search with the tool, enter a postal code, country, and state or province, and resubmit the search criteria. You also have the option of expanding or contracting the search radius through a drop-down menu. Results appear as pins on the map, which display the name, address and contact information of the dealer when you click on them. You can also view this information in the business list that appears on the side of the screen. Some dealers may change locations or details without updating Roush, so you may need to call them to confirm supply.