What's a good way to find information about average health care costs?


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To find information about average health care costs in a specific area, consumers can check out online tools provided by companies such as FAIR Health, Healthcare Bluebook and New Choice Health, which provide the average costs of common health procedures by geographic region, according to the Los Angeles Times. Average cost information is also available through some insurance companies and state databases, maintains Forbes.

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Getting average pricing information from FAIR Health is as easy as selecting the procedure and putting in a ZIP code, says the Los Angeles Times. If the patient has insurance, the cost calculator also gives the estimated amount that the insurance company pays for the procedure. The online tool is adjustable to allow for different copays and percentages covered. It also gives information about other services usually required along with the main procedure to further help patients understand the likely total average cost.

Some organizations work to provide information to help consumers compare prices between practitioners to make better choices about medical care, states the Los Angeles Times. For example, Save On Medical provides a tool that compares prices and quality ratings between providers in a geographical region for common medical procedures, and Aetna provides members with price information from up to 10 health care providers at once for easy price comparison.

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