What's a Good Way to Inform an Employer That You Are Quitting a Job?


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To inform an employer you are quitting your job, tell them in person. Always remain professional and cordial when explaining the reason for quitting. Be calm and reasonable, even if tensions are high when discussing the situation.

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When communicating with a supervisor about the fact that you’re leaving, always remain positive or neutral. If the reason you are leaving the job has to do with a negative work experience, try to keep that for another time. This first conversation should only be about your plans to leave and details about the final day. This is not only important to remain professional and make the last few days at work more tolerable, but it helps the supervisor give a positive reference if a future employer calls them.

During the conversation, thank the supervisor or employer for the opportunity to work for the company. Include brief details, such as the experience obtained or skills learned while working in that position. Express gratitude for the opportunity whether this is in person or with a letter that accompanies a two-week notice. It is always a good idea to give at least two weeks notice and continue working, instead of just a few days. It is not mandatory that the supervisor knows all the reasons why you are leaving unless this information could help them with future people to be hired for this position.

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