What's a Good Way to Get a Company's Office Address?


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An easy way to obtain a company's address is to use the online resource Find the Company at listings.findthecompany.com. It provides a comprehensive listing of over 3 million of businesses from mega corporations, such as Walmart and Target, to small, locally owned businesses. If a store has several locations, it also allows the user to select the store for which he wants to find the address as long as he knows the general area in which it is located.

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There are several other ways to find a company's address using a variety of platforms. An old-fashioned but efficient way is to use a phone book or the Yellow Pages and look up the company by name. If there is no address listing, there may be a phone number that allows the user to call and ask for the address.

Many companies have business cards that have their addresses and phone numbers on them that they place in public places, such as local restaurants and cafes. Also, social media provides many outlets for businesses to share their information. Facebook and Linkedin are two of many social media outlets that allow businesses to share their information with potential customers. Many businesses have their own websites that publish their addresses and other contact information.

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