What's a Good Way to Check Your Rewards on a GM Credit Card?

GM credit card holders can check their accumulated rewards by logging on to their personal accounts at GMcard.com or calling the telephone number on their credit cards, reports General Motors. Alternatively, the earnings summary box on the paper billing statement displays rewards information.

GM credit cards are MasterCards issued by Capital One that allow consumers to earn reward points toward buying or leasing a Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac or GMC, explains General Motors. As of 2015, the first $5,000 a consumer spends earns 5 percent rewards, and all subsequent credit card purchases earn 2 percent rewards. Consumers can accumulate and redeem an unlimited amount of reward points each year, and the reward points never expire. Consumers cannot redeem GM credit card reward points for cash; they can only use them toward acquiring a vehicle.

Consumers redeem GM credit card reward points at GM vehicle dealerships, according to General Motors. They agree on a price with the dealer, including other incentives, offers, and GM military and college discounts. The dealer then deducts the accumulated reward amount from the price of the vehicle. Consumers can use their card earnings towards the initial down payment, to decrease monthly payments or to purchase optional equipment. Any authorized GM vehicle dealership accepts GM credit card reward points.