What's an Example of a Business Email Template?


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The basic template for a business email is the same as for a business letter in that it includes a greeting, body and signature. Parts of the body depend on the purpose of the email.

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One basic template for business emails concerns calling the recipient to action. In this type of email, the subject line should include the words "action required" followed by a date of completion. The greeting comes at the top left-hand corner. It can include the word "dear," a friendly greeting such as "hi" or just the recipient's name. For more formal business emails, the greeting should have "dear," title and the recipient's last name.

The first paragraph should consist of one to two sentences orienting the reader to the purpose of the email. The body of the email should succinctly state what the company wants the reader to do and why. Each body paragraph should include a scannable title in bold followed by a sentence or two explaining what the title means. Any specific actions should be in bullet points.

The conclusion paragraph includes any next steps the recipient should take. The writer should also include key points such as deadlines as well as rationale for the reader's action. Finally, the writer thanks the recipient and signs off. Any relevant links should be located at the bottom.

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