What Is Run-Flat Tire Insurance?


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Run-flat tire insurance is add-on insurance that car dealerships offer to cover expensive tires such as run-flats in case of blowouts or accidents, reports Bankrate. Wheel and tire policies typically require a flat fee that covers repairs or replacements for a certain number of miles or period of time.

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Drivers considering buying run-flat tire insurance should first check the insurance company's financial rating, advises Bankrate. They should also carefully study the policies to be sure the insurance companies guarantee new tires after blowouts rather than compensation calculated on the tread depth of the damaged tires. They should check the extent of damage that aluminum wheels have to sustain before the policy authorizes replacements. Another factor drivers should consider before buying run-flat tire insurance is that run-flats do not usually last as long as conventional tires, and drivers may have to buy new tires before their wheel and tire policies expire.

Manufacturers typically use run-flat tires for sports and luxury cars, according to Consumer Reports. The tires allow drivers to reach a tire store or service station safely even after a blowout. Overall consumer satisfaction to run-flat tires is low due to their uncomfortable ride, uneven wear and high cost of replacement.

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