How Do You Run a Credit Check on a Company?


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To run a credit check on a company, register for an account with a credit reporting bureau such as Dun & Bradstreet, and fill in the credit check request form with the information about the company you want to check before submitting your request. The credit reporting bureau then runs the query and issues a credit score report, as the Houston Chronicle explains.

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How Do You Run a Credit Check on a Company?
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Individuals can register for online accounts with credit reporting bureaus such as Equifax Business, Business Credit USA and Experian Business to check the credit score of their own businesses or other companies, states the Houston Chronicle. On registration, select a level of membership, and pay the accompanying membership fee. After approval, submit a credit check request for your company of choice. If necessary, specify the information that you want the report to include.

Credit reporting bureaus process credit check requests and issue reports with credit scores and other additional information such as business liens. The credit score ranges between one and 100. Businesses with credit scores above 70 have a good reputation, while those with scores below 30 are filing or near to filing for bankruptcy. Since businesses voluntarily report their accounts to credit reporting bureaus, some companies may have little or no credit history. Individuals should use caution when reviewing credit reports with few entries, as the Houston Chronicle advises.

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