How Do You Run a Charity Auction?


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In order to run a charity auction, first determine which type of auction is going to be held and where the proceeds will go to, then contact local businesses and individuals to get auction items, then advertise the auction and take precise notes of each of the prices and bids for every item. It is important to not have overpriced items, as items that are too expensive will deter even generous buyers, suggests The Guardian.

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Charity auctions are a specific type of auction in which items are priced higher than their actual retail value, but individuals buy them so that the extra proceeds can go to a charity. Use the following steps to run a charity auction.

  1. Determine which type of auction will be held and which charity will receive the money.
  2. Many charity auctions are held in the form of silent auctions. However, it is not unusual for charity auctions to be traditional with an auctioneer.

  3. Contact local businesses asking for auction items.
  4. Many businesses are willing to give away auction items for free or for very cheap to help a charity. Similarly, individuals can sell services such as cleaning or music lessons for a wider variety of auction items.

  5. Advertise and hold a fun event for the auction.
  6. If the auction is entertaining and well-advertised, more people are likely to come. Be sure to keep strict records of all the sales and bids to ensure that everyone gets their items and that the right amount of revenue goes to the charity.

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