What Are the Rules for Young Adults Living at Home?

rules-young-adults-living-home Credit: ilbusca/E+/Getty Images

While no hard-and-fast rules exist specifically governing young adults who live in their parents' home, family experts suggest several guidelines to make the situation run more smoothly for all concerned. The real trick for both the young adult in question and the parents he is living with is to balance the child's increasing maturity and need for freedom against old expectations and age-appropriate responsibilities.

FamilyShare suggests guidelines that honor the young adult's expectation of freedom, while respecting the role of the parents. Parents should allow the young adult to set his own rules regarding chores and curfews. They should also encourage his increasing steps toward full independence.

On the other hand, the young adult must realize the symbiotic nature of the relationship when living at home and behave responsibly. Although he may be able to set his own rules regarding chores, he must do a realistic set of chores. He should participate in family events rather than running off on his own all the time. Young adults living at home should have a job or be attending school rather than just freeloading; parents should not tolerate laziness on the part of a young adult at home. The young adult should contribute to household expenses and should be responsible for his own personal expenses. It is appropriate for parents to set limits regarding the use of a car and curfews or parties that affect others in the family.