What Are Some Rules of a Shred-A-Thon?


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Though each organization holding a shred-a-thon typically sets its own rules, they typically include setting a limit on the number or amount of documents participants may shred for free, designating a duration for the event and partnering with other groups to raise awareness or donations for a cause. The event should also include shredding from an official document shredding company to ensure the privacy of all participants.

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Many organizations hold charity events in the form of a shred-a-thon in order to offer a clear benefit to the community while also raising awareness for a specific purpose, such as recycling or preventing identify theft. When creating such an event, organizers typically begin by identifying a charity or nonprofit for which it collects optional donations during the process, establishing specific partnerships when possible. Organizers also need to find a shredding or document disposal company to handle the destruction of the paper to make sure that the personal information of anyone who shreds documents is not at risk.

Other rules to implement at the event include setting shredding limits, such as a maximum number of standard boxes each person may bring. This helps keep anyone from monopolizing the shredding and encourages more thought from participants. Event planners should also designate a time and date for the event, publish a list of acceptable documents for shredding and list any other special requirements for participation.

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