What Are Some Rules and Regulations for US Airways Wings Employees?


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After merging with American Airlines, US Airways relaxed the non-revenue travel rules for new active, or Wings, employees, as of 2014; they may now use their free travel benefits as of their first day of employment, says Bloomberg Business. Annually, Wings employees receive 16 free, one-way “buddy” passes for extended family, friends and even any foreign exchange students they might be hosting, while US Airways cut retirees’ “buddy” pass benefits from 24 to 8.

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US Airways employees must also deal fairly and honestly with all colleagues, customers, industry regulators and even competitors, as stated in number five of US Airways’ Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, adopted in December 2013. The US Airways Code is featured on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website as part of the public record of the American Airlines-US Airways merger.

Employees cannot accept cash or anything that can be used as cash, including lottery tickets, for any reason. Giving gifts to US Airways colleagues could also be problematic, and the US Airways Code urges employees to discuss buying presents for colleagues with their human resources manager beforehand. Active US Airways employees may accept occasional meals or other entertainment.

Conflicts of interest, such as owning stock in competitors’ companies must be minimized. For example, a family member who works for a competitor of US Airways could create a conflict of interest.

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