What Are Some Rules of Procedure for an Annual General Meeting?


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Some rules of procedure for an annual general meeting include a written notice provided to all parties that are required to attend the meeting, preparation of all voting forms if voting on issues is part of the meeting, and keeping minutes of the meeting. Meeting organizers should refer to the business bylaws to make sure all required items are covered at the meeting.

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Annual general meetings are held by businesses to allow shareholders and directors to go over corporate matters, such as election of new officers, approval of minutes of the prior annual meeting, compensation discussions, and other matters as raised by the members and shareholders. A corporation must have a requirement to hold an annual general meeting in its bylaws, and a suitable date and time should be selected for the meeting in order to ensure both shareholders and directors can attend.

Most states mandate that corporations keep minutes of annual general meetings. The minutes of the meeting should include the time the meeting was adjourned and a brief summary of each agenda item as well as any major business decisions addressed during the meeting. Those who attend the meeting should be allowed to amend the minutes before they become final, as minutes are official business documents.

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