What Are the Rules for Medicaid Eligibility in Ohio?


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People in Ohio are eligible for Medicaid if they meet certain income restrictions or have specific conditions, notes the Ohio Department of Medicaid. In general, Ohio residents living at or under the federal poverty level qualify for assistance, including children and families, women, older adults and individuals with disabilities. Some immigrants and refugees may also qualify for Medicaid in Ohio.

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Children and families make up a number of the eligible Medicaid recipients in Ohio, notes the Ohio Department of Medicaid. Children up to 19 years old usually qualify for Medicaid, as do the parents and caretakers of children up to age 19. Some 19 and 20 year old Ohioans may qualify, as do some adults age 64 and older who live at or below 138 percentile of the federal poverty level.

Pregnant women are usually eligible for Medicaid in Ohio, notes the Ohio Department of Medicaid. Some women who are diagnosed with cervical or breast cancer also qualify. Older adults who have disabilities, such as blindness, or who are age 65 or older may also get Medicaid coverage.

Some immigrants and refugees from other countries may qualify for the Medicaid program under Ohio rules, according to the Ohio Department of Medicaid. Regardless of the reason that Medicaid coverage is sought, all people applying must have Social Security numbers, meet citizenship and financial requirements and live in Ohio.

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