What Are Some Routine Job Vacancies in Dubai?


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Routine job vacancies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, include roles such as accountants, teachers, health care providers and sales associates at local stores and tourist attractions. As Dubai is a major tourist destination, there are also frequently job openings in the hospitality industry and food service fields, as of 2015.

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Many of the jobs available in Dubai tend to fall in one of two areas, either focusing on offering services to local residents or to traveling visitors. Local jobs that commonly feature vacancies include educational positions such as teachers at public schools and universities, as well as public safety positions within law enforcement or private security. The health care industry also regularly has job openings in positions ranging from licensed doctors and nurses to customer service and billing agents.

Many local businesses and retail locations also commonly have vacancies for entry-level positions, which may include sales associates, delivery drivers or stockroom workers. Depending on the location of these businesses, they may offer more work on a seasonal basis to match holidays and tourist visiting periods. Hotels are also constantly hiring new employees to fill a wide range of roles, including front desk associates, wait staff and cleaning facility workers. Certain areas near hotels or other attractions, such as beaches, also contain various businesses that have many vacancies. These businesses often sell items or manage admittance to the location.

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