How Do You Find Rooms for Rent in Orange County, California?

Find rooms for rent in Orange County, California, using smartphone apps and websites such as Roomster, Crashpad, Roomsurf and, suggests the LA Times. The Orange County Housing Authority provides a list of affordable rental housing with special programs to help those who qualify find a quality rental, according to the OC Housing Authority.

Suggestions for renting a room in Orange County include finding a home that houses four or more roommates to decrease the rent, understanding that trendy and central locations equal a higher cost of living, and allowing for additional time in searching for a room, states RoomieMatch. RoomieMatch also provides a service that filters individuals and helps match them to other compatible tenants renting a room. This service includes roommate behavior ratings that helps potential renters determine lifestyle compatibility.

Due to the high cost of living in Southern California, this region leads the nation in roommates as of 2014, states The Orange County Register. Apps such as Roomster and Crashpad allow users to read and review profiles for potential roommates, see the space being offered and make an informed decision about renting a room, states the LA Times. These applications allow potential renters to filter search results by rental amount, hobbies and preferred neighborhoods.