Where Do You Find Rooms for Rent for Couples?

rooms-rent-couples Credit: Thomas Barwick/Taxi/Getty Images

Find rooms for rent for couples on sites such as Craigslist, Easy Roommate, OLX and Roomster. Renters need to read the descriptions of each listings to look for restrictions on the number of occupants per room and contact the landlord to ensure that couples are allowed.

Renting a room in an existing home is one way for couples to save money on monthly rent and bills, as shared living spaces often included shared utilities. Finding a room for rent is very similar to finding any other type of residence, as it involves searching through classified ads and checking rental websites for listings that meet the renter's needs. These sites offer different search filtering options that limit displayed results by factors such as price range and location. The keyword search on these sites is another useful tool for identifying listings that specifically allow or disallow couples from renting a room.

Once a couple finds a suitable listing for a room for rent, the next step is to make arrangements to view the room in person. It is never a good idea to hide the true number of occupants from the landlord, so the couple should view the room together, if possible.