What Is a Roll-Top Laptop?


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A rolltop laptop is a computer that is flexible enough to roll around a cylinder with a carrying strap and a power cord. As of 2015, the rolltop laptop is not yet ready for purchase and is still being designed.

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The rolltop laptop looks like a Thermos when it is rolled up, rather than a computer; it is about 11 inches long, with a diameter of 3 1/4 inches. The rolltop laptop uses the latest high-tech devices, along with a new design techniques. A computer bag is no longer needed. The rolltop laptop includes an interactive pen, a power supply and a holding belt. The designers of the rolltop laptop call it an all-in-one gadget.

Utilizing technology and combining it with basic ergonomic principles, the rolltop laptop is being developed as a future product. The designers simulate real scenarios that might impact usability and the laptop's functionality. These laptops offer the best mechanic, electronic and ergonomic practices, according to MyRolltop.com.

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