How Do You Roll Coins?

How Do You Roll Coins?

To exchange loose change for bills, or to use coins more effectively, it helps to roll them. Rolling refers to putting the coins into wrappers in neat stacks with the correct amount of money per stack. By convention, each roll of pennies holds 50, a roll of nickels hold 40, dimes have 50 to a roll and a roll of quarters holds 40. Many locations have machines that roll coins for a small fee.

  1. Obtain the materials

    Obtain coin-roll wrappers from a store or a local bank. Most banks provide these for free, or they can be purchased in bulk from some office-supply stores.

  2. Sort the change

    Dump the loose change out on a flat surface. Sort the coins into piles of 10.

  3. Prepare the wrapper

    Open the wrapper by squeezing it gently into a round shape.

  4. Stack the coins

    Scoop up a pile of 10 coins in one hand. Gently work the coins into a loose stack. If you have small hands, you can work with only five coins at a time.

  5. Roll the coins

    Pour the coins into the wrapper. Repeat with handfuls of 10 coins until the correct number for that denomination is poured into the wrapper.