What Are Some of the Roles of Managers?

Managers are charged with the responsibility of inspiring employees, providing information and leadership and making critical decisions for the betterment of the business or organization. Managers are also answerable to business owners, government leaders and public shareholders as the top officials in any organization.

There are even more specific roles played by managers in different organizations or business entities, including:

Monitor: Managers research and find information regarding issues that pertain to their organization by reading reports, attending seminars and contacting external partners in order to come up with better strategies.

Spokesperson: A manager acts as the chief spokesperson of a company when dealing with outsiders. This means any information required by the public is obtained from the manager.

Leader: The manager is a role model, arbitrator and gives instructions to other employees in order to ensure smooth interpersonal relations within the workplace.

Entrepreneur: The manager looks for new and innovative ways to do things in order to beat the competition and achieve the best possible results within a given period of time.

Negotiator: The manager is responsible for defending the organization's interests both internally and externally.

Allocator: The manager is the main decision-maker when it comes to resource allocation. He or she has the final word on what resources should be given priority at any given time.