What Are Some Roles of a Manager?

Some of the roles of a manager include staffing, planning, controlling, leadership and organizing. These roles help an organization in faster realization of set goals or objectives. The manager is the chief leader of the organization and thus bares responsibility for the performance of the institution of which he or she is in charge.

There are several details regarding the roles of a manager and why they are important to any organization.

Staffing: a manager is responsible for assembling a team of employees that have the most suitable set of skills to execute given duties. This the manager can do in consultation with other members of the team in order to promote transparency and accountability.

Planning: the manager is responsible for putting in place strategies that are aimed at fostering success for the company and its employees. The manager may create a plan after consulting with various departments of the organization.

Organizing: the manager organizes resources and employees in such a way that creates synergy.

Leadership: the manager is responsible for motivating and encouraging the staff in order to achieve the highest levels of productivity. The manager also gives guidance on certain issues that may be unclear to employees.

Controlling: the manager sets boundaries or limits on certain activities in order to minimize chances of failure and maximize on profits.