What Are the Roles of Community Development Workers?

The roles of community development workers are to help improve the quality of life for economically and socially disadvantaged groups. Community development workers develop activities and plan improvements to public services and other related programs.

Community development workers may work with other departments and entities throughout the community to identify social issues, implement goals, and work to develop resolutions or strategies to meet those goals. Community development workers must have the ability to network with others, work well in groups and have good communication skills.

Community development workers seek out opportunity for new business within their community, or work to expand current businesses already established. They may work to secure funding, develop long-term economic plans for the community, or negotiate work contracts.

Many community development workers are responsible for meeting the residential housing needs of their community. They work to implement revitalization programs in local neighborhoods, and strive to negotiate bids and contracts, assist in obtaining financing and lending, inspect work sites, and work with real estate developers and zoning officers.

Some community development workers are employed by local banks as opposed to the municipality, and those workers help to promote the bank's initiative for developing the local community for economic gain.