What Is the Role of a Team Leader?

ALA The American Library Association/CC-BY-2.0

A team leader’s primary role is to lead the members of a work team in completing assignment projects and activities. The leader typically does this by leading by example, sharing information in team meetings and coordinating the activities of employees on the team.

“Team leader” is sometimes used synonymously with “manager,” but a team leader’s job is more centered on motivating workers toward shared team objectives. On a project development team, the team leader may receive project directives and schedules from a project manager. The leader is then responsible to share the team’s role, and to delegate different tasks to the team members for completion.

Over the course of time, team leaders hold meetings to update each member on progress toward goals. The leader also receives ongoing information from managers and disseminates it to the entire work group or to individual employees.

Another responsibility of the team leader is to address questions or concerns of employees. The leader must also step in and ask questions when there is concern about an employee’s progress on a task. Leaders also maintain records of team progress to share with higher-ups in the company. Part of the team leader’s role in leading by example is to operate with high integrity.