What Is the Role of a Supervisor?

A supervisor's role generally encompasses monitoring and influencing the workplace flow as well as managing employees. Of course, the duties of a supervisor can and do vary depending on the industry and which roles are necessary for the supervisor to fulfill.

The supervisor must track each employee on a frequent basis to ensure optimal levels of productivity. If an employee isn't living up to their potential on the job, the supervisor must speak to this employee to make sure that the employee improves their work performance. If not, the supervisor may be responsible for beginning the firing process.

Beyond that, the supervisor may have to oversee teams of employees according to the Office of Personnel Management or OPM. If these teams need assistance finishing a project, the supervisor should be around to help them and to boost morale to get the job done. The rest of the team may look to the supervisor to take over leadership for the project.

When it comes to the safety of the employees and the workplace, the supervisor also has a role. The supervisor must make sure that the workplace maintains all safety precautions so that employees can focus on work. A supervisor must also keep their eyes open for any type of sexual harassment, abuse or any other issues in this vein that could threaten an employee's career. In these situations, the supervisor must step in to make sure that the workplace remains an equal space for everyone.