What Is the Role of a Nursery Nurse?


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The role of a nursery nurse is to provide medical care for infants and newborns. As the name suggests, nursery nurses often work in hospitals, while others work in private residences or outpatient care centers, providing at-home care for sick babies.

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Nursery nurses take care of the daily, hygienic and educational needs of young children. Some may be specialized in working with disabled kids or those with learning disabilities. Nursery nurses usually perform many tasks such as feeding children suitable meals, drinks and snacks, helping with toilet/potty training or changing nappies, teaching kids general life skills like basic manners and hygiene, planning and supervising activities like music, cooking and arts and crafts, safeguarding children, taking children on outings, and so on.

Like most registered nurses or licensed practical nurses, nursery nurses often work around the clock to provide care, so they may work on evenings, holidays or weekends. Those working in private homes or outpatient care facilities may have regular hours. Either way, many nurses have to work long shifts, standing most of the time. Nursery nurses may find their work stressful and emotionally draining, especially when taking care of very sick infants and newborns. However, many find caring for newborns and infants extremely rewarding.

Nursery nurses can progress to other careers such as high-profile well-paying nanny jobs or teaching through experience or further qualifications. The role may sometimes include driving a car, traveling abroad or going on exotic vacations with the infant’s family.

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