What Is the Role of a Marketing Manager?

Kali Nine LLC/E+/Getty Images

A marketing manager oversees the marketing department. She plans and coordinates marketing activities, such as identifying potential customers, developing marketing campaigns and organizing focus groups. She is responsible for developing marketing plans that align with the business’ strategy.

A marketing manager faces challenges to outsmart competition each day. In order to win in marketing, she must research demographics, examine various trends and execute quickly. Failing at any one of these things means the company loses potential customers and revenue.

Advertisements online and on television are the product of hard work by a marketing manager and her team. After researching the market and identifying potential customers, commercials or advertisements are made using key marketing strategies to encourage potential customers to purchase the company’s product. Some of these efforts focus on attracting new customers while others serve to retain their existing customer base.

The marketing approach differs for new customers and existing customers because company goals are different for each. Marketing campaigns with a focus on attracting new customers introduce potential customers to the company’s product. The marketing manager must use her experience and knowledge to help customers see that they need the product. Alternatively, campaigns that focus on retention serve to remind customers why the product is the best choice in the market.