What Is the Role of a Facilities Manager?

role-facilities-manager Credit: Martin Barraud/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Facilities management varies from one organization to another but the core responsibilities are to ensure a good working environment while maximizing efficiency and minimizing expenses. The facilities manager uses a variety of skills and has experience in finance, operations and real estate. The duties are a mix of daily tasks such as monitoring climate control systems and long-term projects such as requests for bids on new office space or buildings.

The responsibilities of a facilities manager span several departments. The manager can work with human resources to coordinate hiring plans with work space availability, with the maintenance department for basic cleaning and housekeeping as well as for implementing and upgrading HVAC systems, and with corporate communications to transmit information to employees and the outside world. Ideally, the facilities manager has a sophisticated understanding of finance as well as hands-on knowledge of facilities including lighting, indoor air quality, windows and computer networking. The facilities manager often works with outside contractors such as caterers, vending services, architects or construction companies and is expected to keep abreast of government regulations on worker health and safety.

Facilities management jobs are among the fastest growing sectors of employment, along with energy efficiency jobs, according to Energy Manager Today.