What Is the Role of a Computer Technician?

A computer repair technician is responsible for the repair and continued maintenance of computers and servers as well as some of their related peripherals. Some computer repair technicians also handle the building and configuration of hardware and software, including the creation and maintenance of computer networks.

While educational institutions offer training for those looking to enter the computer repair technician field, it's not uncommon for technicians with limited formal training to perform computer repair jobs, due to the relative newness of the field.

The five different types of hardware that computer repair technicians usually work with are desktop computers, laptops, servers, computer clusters and mobile devices. When working with software, a repair technician is typically responsible for maintaining the files and programs used by the owner of the computer. A repair technician may also be tasked with restoring a computer to its original unused state by replacing the entire contents of a hard drive with the operating system and related programs from a restore image created at the time of the initial setup of the computer.

Computer repair technician positions exist in both the public and private sectors. Some technicians may be self-employed, freelancers or consultants who work in the field either as hobbyists or experienced professionals.