What Is the Role of a Care Worker?

role-care-worker Credit: Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

A care worker takes charge of the welfare of children, disabled and the elderly in residential homes, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes, according to Job Guide. The care professional helps people administer self-medication and provides support for health complications that affect everyday tasks such as bathing, mobility, eating and dressing.

Care workers often provide companionship for people who are sick or elderly. Other responsibilities may include preparing meals, doing laundry and general cleaning. According to National Careers Service, the exact tasks involved in caring for the sick, elderly or children vary depending on where one is working.

Care workers need to get to know the people they attend to as well as their interests and needs. A care worker may fill the role of a personal assistant, in which case they will be assigned to a particular person in need to help them with day-to-day tasks. The professional is the only person a client is likely to see on a daily basis, making it essential for them to report any relevant developments to their supervisor.

Bluebird Care advises that a person who doesn't demonstrate genuine consideration for the welfare of other people isn't fit for the job of a care worker.