What Is the Role of Bursa Malaysia?

The role of Bursa Malaysia is to give companies, governments and other groups a platform to sell securities to the investing public by offering a range of exchange-related services and products. These include trading, clearing, settlement and depository services, along with products such as bonds, equities and derivatives.

Among Bursa Malaysia’s central functions are ensuring that price information for securities trading on the exchange is disseminated efficiently and that trading is fair and orderly. As one of the largest exchanges in Asia, it also operates in the Islamic capital market, offering Shariah-compliant securities according to Shariah investment guides.

The exchange’s regulatory powers are derived from rules and listing requirements. It enforces regulations by imposing fines and reprimands, supervising stock broking and listed companies, approving listings and security quotations, regulating disclosures by listed companies, and controlling admission to the exchange’s membership.

Bursa Malaysia maintains a website containing information on the Malaysian capital market, including online stock prices, the profiles of listed companies, announcements, trading and settlement procedures, and details of participating companies. The website also posts publications, media releases, initial public offerings and investor education programs.

In summary, Bursa Malaysia provides facilities and infrastructure for capital raising and investment, and enforces rules and regulations to ensure an efficient, fair, cost-effective and orderly market that encourages investor confidence.