What Is the Role of an Auditor?


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Auditors are specialists who inspect the records of companies and individuals to ensure they are compliant with regulations. Most auditors examine the funds going in and out of different organizations.

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An auditor's duties also include analyzing spreadsheets, investigating financial control systems, making sure records are reliable, preparing financial statements and determining tax liabilities. Auditors can be internal or external, meaning they continually audit the same company (internal) or they audit many different organizations (external).

Many external auditors work for insurance companies and audit their customers to ensure they are paying the correct premiums. For example, workers' compensation is generally paid based on an employee's wage, so the auditor wants to see the employee's time cards and even pay checks. An auditor might also want to see the employee's job description to ensure the company is using the correct workers' compensation code to classify the employee.

A bachelor's degree is almost always required to be hired as an auditor, and companies almost always prefer that candidates already be certified public accountants or certified internal auditors in order to be considered for an auditor position. Auditors need strong communication skills, good attention to detail and the ability to work under deadline pressure.

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