What Do Robert's Rules Apply To?


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Robert's Rules apply to any meeting or organization brought together for the purpose of facilitating discussions and group decision-making. General Henry M. Robert established this set of rules in 1876 to promote the orderly rule of reason in deliberative societies.

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The basic rules of Robert's laws break down into seven actions used in any given meeting or discussion. A "motion" is used to introduce a new piece of business or propose a decision or action, and must be voted into the discussion. "Postpone Indefinitely" is an action used to kill a motion. When passed, the motion cannot be reintroduced at that meeting.

To "Amend" something during a meeting is to change a motion under consideration. "Commit" is used to place a motion to a committee or group for consideration. The committee is then required to prepare a report on the motion committed. To "Question" is to end a debate entirely, and a question must be voted on as a motion would. The term "Table" is used to lay aside the business at hand in such a manner that it will be considered later in the meeting or at another time, and is also voted on. To "Adjourn" is a motion to end a meeting.

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