What Is Rite Aid's Career Mapping Site Used For?

What Is Rite Aid's Career Mapping Site Used For?

Rite Aid's career mapping site is used to evaluate potential hourly job applicants. It is the first step of the company's hiring process for hourly employees. Prospective employees must provide personal and contact information and fill out a survey designed to evaluate their competency, integrity and work style.

Rite Aid's career survey and evaluation is offered in English and North American Spanish.

In order to apply to Rite Aid, prospective employees must first provide their Social Security number, the position for which they'd like to apply, and the address of the store where they want to work. They must then provide their street address and contact information. Rite Aid collects information about the race, gender and ethnicity of job applicants for statistical purposes. Applicants may choose to provide this information or skip ahead to the survey portion of the application.

The next portion of the survey includes questions designed to measure an applicant's fitness for employment with Rite Aid. Specific questions may vary based on the position the employee selected from the Desired Position drop-down menu in the earlier portion of the survey.

Rite Aid Corporation is a U.S. drugstore chain employing approximately 99,000 employees in 31 states. It is the third-largest drugstore chain in the United States, and the largest on the East Coast. Rite Aid offers pharmacy services, photo development, and health, beauty and home care products. It was founded in Scranton, Pennsylvania, as Thrift D Discount Center.