How Do Rite Aid Employees Access Pay Stubs?


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According to ImFee.com, employees of Rite Aid can access their pay stubs on the Internet by visiting the Rite Aid Corporate website or the Rite Aid Paperless Pay website. Both sites require the employee to have a login ID and a password provided by the payroll manager.

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Find instructions on how to view a pay stub on the official website by clicking the Pay Advice Review icon once you log in. If you have difficulties using either site, contact your payroll manager for help. If you are a Rite Aid employee who wants to switch from paper pay stubs to electronic stubs, you can do so by contacting your payroll manager.

Paystub Online states that Rite Aid turned from traditional paper payroll systems to electronic ones to provide online benefits to employees. If you want to get your pay stub or W2 online, access them using the relevant websites. For security reasons, you must complete a risk-based authentication if you are a new user, adds Pay Stub and Taxes. This is a six-step security authentication process that asks you to take a security image, add your phone number and provide answers to a few security questions. Finally, review the information you have provided.

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