What Rights Do Tenants Have in New York City?


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As of 2015, some of the rights that tenants have in New York City includes the right to livable premises, the right to complain and organize and the right to receive services. Other rights include the ability to transfer rights or obligations and rights limiting landlord's advantage.

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Under the right to livable premises, tenants are given the right to have access to repairs, clean premises, hot water and heat. Should a landlord fail to make repairs or maintain the condition of a housing unit, tenants are also allowed to stay any eviction proceedings due to nonpayment. Each unit rented by a tenant must also be fitted with a smoke detector.

Under New York City law, tenants are also protected from retaliatory eviction. A landlord is also not allowed to halt any tenants in their building or residential unit from creating, joining or participating in a group for tenants.

Tenants in New York City are granted the right to receive services, therefore limiting the ability of landlords to limit or refuse services such as water, heat or lights. Landlords violating this right are committing a criminal act. Tenants are also allowed to pay utilities on their own if a landlord fails to do so. A tenant who pays bills in this manner is granted the right to remove the value from their rent payment.

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