What Are Your Rights When You Rent a Home From a Private Party?


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A tenant’s rights renting a home from a private party include right of complaint to the government regarding safety and health issues and right to privacy, according to the Ohio State Bar Association. The tenant also has the right to complain to his landlord if his landlord fails in his duties.

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In case a tenant complains to a landlord and a landlord takes a retaliatory action, such as an eviction, increased rent or reduced services, a tenant has the right to take legal action, explains the Ohio State Bar Association. A tenant is allowed to join other tenants to bargain terms of a lease. He has the right to know details such as the name and address of his landlord and agent. Such information should be in a written lease or put in writing in case of an oral lease. Regarding right of privacy, a landlord may only enter a tenant’s apartment after issuing a notice at least 24 hours in advance unless in emergency situations.

A tenant has right to his property, and a landlord may not withhold a tenant’s possession as a means to recover rent payment if the tenant breaches a lease, states the Ohio State Bar Association. In case a repair is needed, a tenant issues a notice to the landlord regarding the repair and the landlord must act within 30 days of the notice. In situations that infringe on safety and health rights, the days are less, and action is required immediately in case of an emergency.

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